Electronics | Automation | Software | Prototypes | Maintenance

Electronics Design

  • Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services
  • Design of analog, digital and mixed type electronic system circuits
  • Design of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Industrial Automation

  • Customised industrial automation solutions from design to assembly
  • Digitization and monitoring of production processes
  • Assembly of automation control panels

Software Development

  • Embedded systems and microcontrollers programming
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) creation
  • Programming intelligent Linux systems
  • Android and iOS mobile applications design


  • Electronics devices prototyping
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical structures
  • Functional testing and tuning of a complex device

Lifecycle Managment

  • Project development and improvement
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM) product optimization
  • Consultations on product quality and alternative part solutions

Industrial Maintenance

  • Scheduled servicing and maintenance of industrial facilities
  • Troubleshooting of electronic and mechanical faults in industrial machinery
  • Repair and reverse engineering of electronic and electromechanical modules

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