Electronics Design

Design of customised electronic devices

Electronics Design Original product design and manufacturing (ODM) services. Product design and development uses a mixed-type Agile and Waterfall project management system that allows for accurate assessment of requirements and precise device design while maintaining flexible product manufacturing and testing processes.
Prior to the design of an electronic device, preparatory steps are taken, on which the further course of product design and development depends.

These are:

  • Refining the Idea
  • Estimating the Parameters
  • Defining the Technical Requirements
Afterwards search and implementation phase of engineering solutions is carried out.

Performed during the design of an electronic device

  • Design of electronic circuits
  • Tracing of prinetd circuit boards (PCB)
  • Preparation of production data (Gerber) and visualizations

An electronic product can be an analogue, digital, or mixed embedded system that performs a specific task, or a complex combination of those systems.

Examples of systems:

  • Embedded data acquisition, processing and transmission system
  • Industrial equipment control system
  • Switching boards and power controllers (drivers)
  • Galvanic isolation circuits
  • Input-output (I/O) expansion modules
  • ...

After the electronics design the following stages are carried out