Software Development

An electronic or automation device is not completed after the design phase of the hardware. In many cases, the device has a controller implemented, which performs a certain control algorithm and contains a list of machine instructions. This is provided by creating and storing program code (firmware) in the microcontroller's memory. Also, some systems may have a user interface for entering and outputting different parameters that are displayed on the screen of a computer or other smart device. For this purpose, computer software - graphical user interface (GUI) or mobile applications are being developed.

Embedded systems

MCU Image Embedded systems firmware code programming. Top of the line technologies, adapted for fast operation but optimised for energy resources, such as ARM architecture microcontrollers, are used. Firmware is engineered for data acquisition (measurement, monitoring), industrial equipment control, data display and transmission via conventional wired or wireless communication and other specific embedded systems.

Graphical user interfaces

GUI Image Design of Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Windows and Linux environments. Input of different types of control commands using a standard computer peripheral or a specialised industrial control panel, display of processes and embedded system monitored parameters, saving data to a local or cloud service Databases (DB).

Linux systems

Linux Image Development of smart systems, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the Linux environment for big data analysis, real-time visualisations and fully automated decision making systems in industrial plants. Easily integrated, cross-platform, efficient and high-performance open source systems, such as RaspberryPI, are used.

Mobile Android & iOS applications

App Image Mobile Android and iOS applications development. With the help of a smart device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) it is possible to wirelessly control remote embedded systems, make adjustments to their parameters (change settings), monitor and graphically display the measured values ​​and ongoing processes in real time.

Programmable logic controllers

Programming works of programmable logic controllers (PLC). Development is performed with the most widely used industrial grade Siemens family PLC controllers, especially adapted for the use with modern and high-reliability automation control systems.